Reynolds Creek

New Area Reynolds Creek is a huge desert area approximately one hour from Boise, Idaho. There is more rock than we have been able to establish since we first came to the area in May 2004. There are at this time 5 well-established areas including over 130 problems that make up the bouldering mecca called Reynolds Creek: Peaches Boulder, Rock Sham Boulder, Caddy Shack Boulder, Main Area, CampGround Boulders, and the Bone Yard.

One of the most interesting parts of this bouldering area is the rock diversity. The main road runs between the bouldering areas. The rock on one side of the road is sloping granite and the other side of the road is all pocketed volcanic rhyolite. Pick your poison and how you plan to approach the areas if you plan on climbing many days in a row.

Regardless of whether you are a seasoned veteran or a beginner, Reynolds Creek is a training ground. This area has everything you need to test your reading skills, your mental game, your technique, and your power. The problems vary greatly from steep, pocketed high balls to sloping blank slabs. The rhyolite areas have steeper problems and are known for their sharp edges. Bring determination, tape, and high threshold for pain. You will be inspired by these problems. The granite problems demand a good read and dedication. They are slopey and will test your perseverance. There are only a couple that have seen on-sites.

Come to visit Reynolds Creek, climb like mad, and plan on leaving with a dream of the next time when you will return!

Lat./Lon. : 43.250702, -116.712502

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